Coughlin Charles Edward - Driving out the money changers

Author : Coughlin Charles Edward
Title : Driving out the money changers
Year : 1933

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Foreword. This book contains the chief lectures delivered from the Shrine of the Little Flower beginning January 1st and ending April 16th, 1933. It is a complement of a previous book published last year entitled “Eight Discourses on the Gold Standard.” It was my aim to treat as plainly as possible the vital moral-economic financial condition which, more than anything else in a material sense, has caused our present misery. The principles which are applied throughout these discourses are based on the teachings of Leo XIII and Pius XI. Contrary to a subversive propaganda which is widely spread throughout our country, be it stated that a clergyman has not only the right but also the duty to speak on such subjects. Throughout these lectures which were broadcast through the voluntary subscriptions of Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Gentiles, there is a purposeful development of thought which centers around the one idea of economic justice and liberty. Today we are living in the hopes of a new deal. This hope is founded not only upon the promise of such but upon the actual presence of new men without whom the new deal would be impossible. The people of this nation at present are filled with confidence and with determination. The confidence is vested in our President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The determination is founded so securely that only deeds and not words will suffice to satisfy the nation. It is my opinion that our confidence has not been misplaced. It is also my observation that unless this economic liberty can be quickly achieved under our present system of government, there is no other prospect facing us than to alter that system if necessary in order to obtain justice and equity. ...

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