Covington Harold Armstead - Dreaming the iron dream

Author : Covington Harold Armstead
Title : Dreaming the iron dream Collected racial and political essays of Harold A. Covington
Year : 2005

Link download :

Introduction. Greetings to Mr. and Mrs. America, and all the ships at sea. These essays, or monologues, or rants, or whatever you want to call them, come from what has been up until now my most productive period polemic-wise, the Nineties and the early Oughts. They are what is known in Russian as samisdat, unauthorized dissident political and social commentaries transmitted by a kind of literary underground to a small number of readers by whatever means come to hand. The earlier pieces come from a weekly newsletter which I published throughout most of the Nineties called Resistance, which was a true samisdat publication—small, crudely typed, and reproduced in the cheapest copy shops or in some cases surreptitiously run off on the copy machines at whatever lowly temporary job I was working at the time to keep out of the homeless shelter. The later raves are, of course, from that great purveyor of samisdat in our time, the Internet. Other than some passing references in some of the later articles, I have deliberately excluded most of my Northwest Migration material. The purpose of this anthology is to provide readers with the best of HAC in the pre-Northwest sense; my Northwest Homeland raves will be collected together and melded into one long, stripped-down polemic at a later date, our little white book, so to speak. This collection is frankly a convenience for me, to obviate the necessity of my sending out reams of increasingly aging material to new people. The monologues I have included are in my view the best of my febrile crop, plus several which I added by request from readers, such as How NOT To Do It and Our Socialism. I tried to make a selection that wouldn’t be too redundant. The Movement being what it is, I have to use a lot of spaced repetition. The monologues are arranged in approximate chronological order. For the record, as far as conveying what I want to convey to our people, my favorites are The Song, Not The Singer: Dreaming the Iron Dream; and But Harold, What Do You Want Us To DO ? Enjoy ! -HAC Olympia, Washington October 2004. ...

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