Covington Harold Armstead - The march up country

Author : Covington Harold Armstead
Title : The march up country
Year : 1987

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Biography. HAROLD A. COVINGTON was born in Burlington, North Carolina on September 14th, 1953. During his teenaged years he received a number of minor awards for achievement in creative writing, music, and the dramatic arts. He attended the Governor's School of North Carolina in 1970 in drama. He worked as a cub reporter for the local newspaper in Chapel Hill, N.C., and his weekly columns became the paper's most popular Sunday feature, despite their frequent attacks on the behavior of black students at the high school in Chapel Hill. Covington's political career began in the United States Army in 1972, when he joined a National Socialist front group called the White Servicemen's League and was expelled from the service for racial agitation. He joined the national headquarters staff of the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP) in Arlington, Virginia and shortly thereafter became editor of the party newspaper, While Power. After a year as editor he resigned and emigrated to Southern Africa, where he worked for a short time for a civil engineering firm in Johannesburg before going north to enlist in the Rhodesian Army, where he participated in the defense of the country against black terrorists. While in the military he assisted local Whites in the formation of the Rhodesia White People's Party (RWPP). The party was suppressed by the Ian Smith government and Covington was arrested on a charge of allegedly "terrorizing Jews." He was deported in 1976, along with two other American National Socialists who had been politically active. Two years later the Smith regime surrendered to the blacks and in 1980 Rhodesia became a Marxist dictatorship appropriately re-named "Zimbabwe" after some local ruins. Returning to his native North Carolina, Covington formed a local National Socialist group and wrote articles and books for White Power Publications, Samisdat Publishers in Canada, the newspaper New Order, and other periodicals. He edited and published his own newsletter, White Carolina, as well as a short-lived theoretical journal, the National Socialist Review. He also ran in four North Carolina elections over as many years, gaining 34% of the White vote in a State Senate campaign in 1978 and a whopping 43%, representing 56,000 votes, in the 1980 Republican primary for State Attorney General. He assisted in the defense campaign for the "Greensboro 16" in 1980, and in 1979 was elected Party Leader of the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) by a special conference of officers. In December 1980 the Federal government began a full-scale offensive against the NSPA, utilizing legal frame-ups and informers inside the organization as well as financial pressure. Despite Covington's best efforts, the organization collapsed. In September of 1981 he was ordered to leave the country or be killed by Federal agents seeking to suppress his testimony in a new round of Greensboro trials. In March of 1982 he was again told point-blank to leave or be murdered. He spent the next five years in South Africa, Great Britain, and Ireland, constantly being "moved on" by the authorities. In April of 1987 he returned to the United States in defiance of the Federal threats. To date there has been no retaliation from the government. Covington has been married twice, both marriages ending in divorce. He has one son and one daughter in Ireland who are presently legally barred from the United States. In 1980 he published his only major work of fiction, an historical novel set in Medieval England entitled Rose of Honor. The book was suppressed by the Jews, who bought out the entire press run from the publisher and destroyed it so that only a few copies survive. ...

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