Cuza Alexandru C. - The science of anti-semitism

Author : Cuza Alexandru C.
Title : The science of anti-semitism
Year : 1922

Link download :

“Another horrible pairing of words: the science of anti-Semitism. How can anti-Semitism be a science?” will ask themselves indignantly the scientists with their rocks, those with their seals, the mathematicians with their x's, the philologists with their suffixes, the scientists with their pretended “fixed” ideas of culture. Anti-Semitism? For these scientists it is only a savagery, a blind manifestation of brutal instincts, vestiges of prehistoric times, the shame of our civilization which both science and the enlightened conscience of man, free of preconceptions and passion, condemn. This is the atmosphere created particularly by the Jews - and which those Judaized nurture - around anti-Semitism, fooling the naive or exploiting the naivete of the stupid with pretensions that they too be “on a par with modern civilization.” And who does not want to be ? ...

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