Davies Glyn - A history of money

Author : Davies Glyn
Title : A history of money From ancient times to the present day
Year : 1994

Link download : Davies_Glyn_-_A_history_of_money.zip

Foreword. From earliest times money in some form or another has been central to organized living. Increasingly it shapes foreign and economic policies of all governments. It is synonymous with power and it shapes history in every generation. Professor Glyn Davies, Economic Adviser to the Julian Hodge Bank Ltd, and sometime Chief Economic Adviser to the Secretary of State for Wales, and then to the Bank of Wales, is an ideal person to write the history of money itself. In his fifteen years as Sir Julian Hodge Professor of Banking and Finance at the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology, Glyn Davies earned worldwide recognition as one of the United Kingdom’s front line economists. Both the CBI and various Select Committees of the House of Commons have sought his help. For over two decades there has been a unique partnership between Wales’s financial wizard, Sir Julian Hodge, and Professor Glyn Davies. The genius of Sir Julian is matched by his intuitive caution in matters financial: it is therefore a high tribute to Professor Glyn Davies that for two decades he has been Sir Julian Hodge’s trusted Economic Adviser. This book is a masterpiece of scholarly research which economists and bankers will find invaluable. Professor Glyn Davies enjoys a rare gift in being able to present the most complicated issues in clear and simple terms. I declare my personal interest in this book because I have proved the quality of Professor Glyn’s work both when I served as Secretary of State for Wales and when I was Chairman of the Bank of Wales. George Tonypandy The Right Honourable Viscount Tonypandy PC, DCL, House of Lords,Westminster 1 March 1994. ...

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