De Benoist Alain - Beyond human rights

Author : De Benoist Alain
Title : Beyond human rights Defending freedoms
Year : 2011

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A note from the editor. Unless otherwise indicated, the footnotes to the text were added by the author himself for the original French edition. Additional footnotes which were added by me are so marked. Where sources in other languages have been cited, I have attempted to replace them with existing English-language editions. Citations to works for which I could locate no translation are retained in their original language. Web site addresses for on-line sources were verified as accurate and available during May and June 2011. I would like to thank Prof. Eric Maulin, who kindly contributed an original Foreword for this volume on extremely short notice. I would also like to extend my appreciation to Sergio Knipe, who translated the Foreword; to Dr. Alexander Jacob, who made some clarifications regarding the translation of the Foreword; and to Matthew Peters, for his extraordinary contributions as a proofreader. - JOHN B. MORGAN IV. ...

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