De Montréal Bernard - The genesis of reality

Author : De Montréal Bernard
Title : The genesis of reality
Year : 199*

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Foreword. Supramental studies really began in 1969, when the light of the cosmic intelligence has descended to earth to objectively instruct man in the laws of life and the universe. With this new energy, which finally enabled him to recognize his vital link with the universal, prospective and instructive consciousness, man was able to understand the cosmic lie of which he was a victim for millennia, while at the same time revealing the mysteries of the unknown by definitively answering the questions of existence. These have nourished the activity of religions, philosophies and esoteric movements, and at the end of the twentieth century they found answers to the extent of the anguish they created in human thought. The dynamics of supramental studies are based on the movement of energy through a creative mind. This is why this book, the first in a series, does not present an encyclopedic vision of the human psyche, but rather an evolutionary approach that allows the progressive integration of the universal laws of life and death. And that is why the reading of The Genesis of Reality is open, because each chapter presents in itself the synthesis while being only a part of it. To a different mode of writing, free from the known of the very forms of the literature of the mind, is appropriate a mode of free reading of ancient attitudes. The perception of reality is based on a twofold fundamental articulation: involution, a period of human ignorance during which man has suffered the laws of life without understanding their mechanisms, and evolution, a period of integration of the laws of the universe, where man finally rejoins his nature, his essence, and manifests in matter their creative power. The Genesis of Reality marks the beginning of a cosmic literature; it represents only a fraction of what will be published in the next generation. For it is becoming increasingly necessary, according to time and hour, for man to know that we are living at the end of a cycle in which everything will be played off against man, against the real freedom of his spirit, his only strength, his only light. This is why future evolution will be prepared by the diffusion of works which, in the wake of it, will serve to make him recognize what cannot be thought of, and make him a pioneer of the impossible. B. de M.. ...

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