De Poncins Léon - State secrets

Author : De Poncins Léon
Title : State secrets A documentation of the secret revolutionary mainstring governing anglo-american politics
Year : 1975

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When one considers the gigantic economic power and the crushing industrial superiority of the United States in the modern world, and the decadence and partial ruin of the old European states, ravaged and bled white by a series of wars and revolutions, it becomes apparent that the western world has virtually succumbed to a state of vassalage under America, and accordingly has to endure the latter's political repercussions. Whether we like it or not, the decisions of the American Government are of absolutely vital interest to our countries, and accordingly we have every reason to study with care the turn of events in influential circles in the U S A . Now it is an established fact that some of the dramatic events in the Second World War brought to light with brutal clarity the preponderant influence which was exerted by anonymous, irresponsible and elusive occult forces on the vital decisions taken by some of the American leaders—decisions which have and will determine the future of the world—and which became particularly evident in the course of F. D. Roosevelt's virtual dictatorship. As we have said, this conclusion is an established fact, and we w ill shortly produce the evidence to prove it, but meanwhile we must point out that we are not attempting to write a complete history of the inside story of American politics. This would be impossible, for it is not easy to unveil the secrecy with which the occult forces cover their actions. Our aim is much more modest. We intend to bring to light part of the evidence, in the same way that the beam of a torch abruptly pierces the darkness of night and reveals people and things which had been hidden until then. It is absolutely essential for the forces of the occult to act under cover of mist and darkness if their work is to succeed. However, by means of irrefutable facts and documents we are in a position to prove every statement we advance, and in this manner we propose to demonstrate the action of these occult forces in the course of certain crucial periods of American and Western political history, namely : 1. The entry of the United States into the First World War (the Landman document), followed by the Treaty of Versailles. 2. The preparation of the Second World War (the Montigny- Ludwig documents). 3. The mysterious Yalta agreements (the Zabrousky document). 4. American war policy (the Morgenthau documents); the aerial war in Europe (the Lindemann document); the Nuremberg trial. 5. The Korean war; the Sorge spy ring (the MacArthur and Willoughby documents). 6. The Brownell-Truman controversy. 7. The political advisers of the White House under President Nixon. By means of patient research I have assembled in this book a collection of documents which are not actually secret in themselves, but which have been published in different countries in varying circumstances, in partial, fragmentary, or diluted forms, so that they have remained virtually unknown to the public at large. The Zabrousky document is unknown outside Spain; the Morgenthau documents, which have recently been pubUshed in the U S A , are unknown in France; and the Willoughby, MacArthur and Flynn documents have only reached a limited public of specialists even in America. Collected together in this study for the first time, they create a coherent impact which they do not possess individually. Nevertheless, in the course of this work I have never advanced a conclusion which does not rest upon documents of absolutely unimpeachable authority. Thus my endeavour is to make available to my readers the awareness of the existence of certain subterranean forces which threaten to undermine the future of our ancient western civilization. ...

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