De Rosario Nimrod - The mystery of Belicena Villca

Author : De Rosario Nimrod (Moyano Luis Felipe)
Title : The mystery of Belicena Villca
Year : 2003

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Chapter I. I met Belicena Villca when she was interned in the Neuropsychiatrie Hospital «Dr. Javier Patrón Isla» in the city of Salta, under diagnosis of irreversible senile dementia. Being Medic of the «B» pavilion, of incurable patients, I had to paid attention to the referred patient for a long year in which I applied all the resources that the psychiatric science and my extensive experience in the profession gave to attempt, vainly, her recuperation. As will be seen later, her story was written by herself while she remained in that joyless confinement. She dedicated to that purpose all the available time, which was a lot, because the medical joint had authorized her to write «due to the activity redounded in evident therapeutic results on the mood of the patient». Although, no one knew to what referred her writes and if them revealed some logic coherence, information which possession would have been helpful to confirm or correct the adverse diagnosis. Two reasons avoided to know the content of her writings: the first, and main reason, consisted in that the patient wrote in «Quechua santiagueño», a language which is only spoken in her natal region; in secrecy, it seems, Belicena Villca translated the writings into Spanish a few days before she died; the second reason was the homicidal zeal that she put to avoid the reading of the texts, what ended, one day, in a violent incident with a nurse who dared to look at one of its pages. But, as what concerned was to maintain her calm, and the writing contributed to maintain her in that state, they opted to not contradict her maniac desires and they allowed her to hide the writings in a briefcase from which she was never separated. However, part of her story was related to me by herself, during her convalescence, either through large monologues that were frequently on her psychoanalytic sessions, in the days in which some mental stability allowed this therapy, or, involuntarily, when the narcosis treatment plunged her into a heavy stupor where, however, never decreased her oral activity. Naturally, it was not possible to give credit to her statements, not only due to her diseased condition, but for the tenor of them, which were incredible and hallucinative: her writings would be never qualified, with more justice, as an own story of a madwoman. ...

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