Dean Bob - The coming of Nibiru

Author : Dean Bob
Title : The coming of Nibiru
Year : 2008

Link download :

Bob Dean: Some of our remote viewers have concluded that, yes, it’s going to happen this time, that we and it will be on the same side of the sun at the same time. And if the remote viewer... And they’re getting their own information from ETs, from sources within the U.S. government that tell me that, yes, they are deeply concerned about it. And they’re worried sick about it. And they don’t know what to do about it. ... What could the government or anyone else tell you ? What could they say to you ? Would they tell you: Grab your hat ? Dig a hole ? Hang on !? ... He says: Oh, it seems to be a rather nice planet, and we know about it, and all we need to do is name it. And then, bless his heart... You know, he’d never had a heart problem, but within a year he was dead with a heart attack. ... Incredible race of humans... does have a future. And it is in the stars. And we are going out there to reclaim our rightful place. ... It’s kind of amusing considering that the last time we met, I told you it was to be my last interview and here I am again. And, you know, how can I explain that ? ...

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