Spingola Deanna - The ruling elite

Author : Spingola Deanna
Title : The ruling elite The zionist seizure of world power
Year : 2012

Link download : Spingola_Deanna_-_The_ruling_elite.zip

Introduction. When I was a student, my favorite history teacher reiterated that the reason we study history is to avoid the mistakes that people have collectively made in the past. This, at the time, made logical sense. However, organizations like the American Historical Association, either directly or indirectly, infl uence most historians or history teachers and what they believe. Years ago, the tax-exempt Rockefeller Foundation resolved to regulate domestic education, while the Carnegie Foundation would dominate international education. Their fi rst objective was to alter the way that instructors teach history. The Guggenheim Foundation, like the Rhodes scholarship program, granted fellowships, agreeing to fund twenty United States history students who were seeking doctoral degrees. These students, after indoctrination, formed the nucleus of the American Historical Association, which was founded by Andrew D. White, a member of the Order of Skull and Bones—(S&B) also known as the Brotherhood of Death. Such an organization manufactures a history commiserate with government and corporate objectives while concealing the hideous details of some of the most horrendous historical events. Therefore, individuals need to evaluate what they believe about every historical event, consider where they obtained that information, and compare it to what is occurring now. Accurate history is prologue, whereas false history legitimizes the activities that many government offi cials are perpetrating against the citizens of their nations. Do those citizens, under deceptive circumstances, enjoy freedom, or are their governments incrementally imposing tyranny at home while engaging in terrorism abroad? If governments can lie about or conceal their past, then they can certainly engage in deception regarding contemporary circumstances. ...

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