Dick Kindred Philip - In pursuit of Valis

Author : Dick Kindred Philip
Title : In pursuit of Valis Slections from the Exegesis
Year : 1991

Link download : Dick_Kindred_Philip_-_In_pursuit_of_Valis.zip

Preface. On the exegesis of Philip K. Dick. The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick has too long remained a terra incognita. As a practical matter, that is hardly surprising: The unpublished form of the Exegesis consists of over eight thousand pages without a unifying numbered sequence, most of which are handwritten in a scrawling script, and all of which were arbitrarily sorted into ninety-one manila folders following Dick's death in 1 982. Thus, while the 1980s saw the posthumous first publication of numerous Dick mainstream novels of the 1 9 5 0 s , the Exegesis remained out of view as an archival nightmare. But one with a curiously legendary status. For readers of Dick's work had already encountered mention of an " exegesis" in VALIS ( 198 1)-a brilliant novel on the impossible quest for mystical truth in the pop-trash wonderland of Inodern-day America. In VALIS, we are told of a journal kept by fictional character Horselover Fat, the alter ego of fictional character Phil Dick. Horselover Fat has gone through an intense mystical experience a/k/ a direct encounter with higher wisdom, one that has transformed his life and caused many to question his sanity. Horselover Fat can barely make sense of it himself, and at times he is tormented by the thought that it was a delusion- or even an outright breakdown. ...

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