Dimont Max Isaac - Appointment in Jerusalem

Author : Dimont Max Isaac
Title : Appointment in Jerusalem
Year : 1991

Link download : Dimont_Max_Isaac_-_Appointment_in_Jerusalem.zip

Introduction. Though based on the scholarly works and sources listed in the bibliography, this book is not intended for scholars. It is intended as a popular book for people who have not read the Gospels but would like to know what they are all about, and for those who have read the Gospels yet are curious to know other views of Jesus. Both will discover that the Gospels are as multifaceted as a cut diamond. The stance I have taken on religion is one that prevailed in the Roman Empire. In the paraphrased words of the historian Edward Gibbon, the Roman people believed all religions to be equally true, the Roman philosophers believed all religions to be equally false, and the Roman emperors believed all religions to be equally useful. Readers have the option to regard any or all views presented here as equally true, equally false, or equally useful - in proportion to their own preferences as to the weight of the evidence. This book is written not to subvert and not to convert, but to inform, to entertain, and to stimulate. I concur with Ernest Renan who said: “For those who believe Jesus is the Messiah, he is the Messiah. For those who think he is the Son of Man, he is the Son of Man. For those who prefer the Logos, the Son of God, he is the Logos, the Son of God.” I would add that for those who, like Rousseau, think of Jesus as a Hebrew sage, he is a Hebrew sage and for those who, as Voltaire, believe Jesus is a prophet, he is a prophet. ...

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