Domhoff George William - The Bohemian Grove and other retreats

Author : Domhoff George William
Title : The Bohemian Grove and other retreats A study in ruling-class cohesiveness
Year : 1975

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Preface. In America, retreats are held by just about every group you can think of - scouts, ministers, students, athletes, musicians, and even cheerleaders. So it is not surprising that members of the social upper class would also have clubs that sponsor such occasions. Three of these retreats for the wealthy few are the subject of this book. Retreats are interesting in and of themselves. They are especially interesting when - like the bacchanalian rites discussed in this book - they involve elaborate rituals, first-class entertainment, a little illicit sex, and some of the richest and most powerful men in the country. However, this book has a purpose beyond presenting a relatively detailed description of three upper-class watering holes that are of intrinsic interest. Upper-class retreats are also of sociological relevance, for they increase the social cohesiveness of America's rulers and provide private settings in which business and political problems can be discussed informally and off the record. ...

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