Duke David - The secret behind communism

Author : Duke David
Title : The secret behind communism
Year : 2013

Link download : Duke_David_-_The_secret_behind_communism.zip

About the author. Former member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana, Dr. David Duke, is unique. He earned a PhD in history and is a world famous political figure. "What is the point of studying and understanding history," he says, "if we don't learn enough from it to prevent a repeat of its horrors." In Russia and Ukraine Dr. Duke researched the foundations of communism and its Red Terror. His book reveals the force behind them that still endangers the world, and it also throws light on the common origins of Communism and Zionism, and how many features of Communism now flourish in Zionism and Israel. Duke was a politically incorrect young man. He says what he thinks, popular or not. His views have evolved, but the media never forgives criticism against the Zionist extremists who so powerfully influence it. He opposes any sort of racism or ethnic supremacism, including that of the hyper-racist tribalism that runs Zionist Israel, and that also influences global media, governments and finance. He believes that every people on Earth has the right to be free and independent; to preserve its heritage and diversity as a unique expression of humanity; that no people has the right to oppress or exploit others. It is ironic that the Ziomedia voices that excoriate this non-violent man are the same who revere people like Menachem Begin. Only in an upside down world could an unrepentant, Zionist terrorist who murdered and ethnically cleansed Palestinians, be honored with a Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Duke, a courageous, non-violent voice for peace against the Zionist-driven wars of our time, finds no media redemption. He has, however, found redemption from voters and respect from millions of the truly open-minded. David Duke went on from his controversial younger days to win four elections. He won the New Hampshire Democratic Primary for Vice President of the United States in 1988 with over 60 percent of the vote (the same election AI Gore won in 1996). He won election to the House of Representatives in Louisiana in 1989. In 1991 Duke defeated the sitting Governor of Louisiana (Buddy Roemer) for the Republican nomination. Duke was elected Chairman of the Republican Executive Committee (1996-2000) in the largest Republican district of Louisiana. David Duke has a doctorate in History and has lectured at over two hundred universities on four continents. He has appeared in major televised debates and programs, including three appearances on the leading American political program, Meet the Press. He has appeared on over 1,000 programs in America, Europe and 20 other nations. Dr. Duke's videos earn a 90 percent positive rating from tens of millions of viewers. He has penned four books: My Awakening, Jewish Supremacism, The Secret Behind Communism and The Zionist Conspiracy. ...

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