Emery Sarah - Seven financial conspiracies

Author : Emery Sarah E. Van De Vort
Title : Seven financial conspiracies
Year : 1888

Link download : Emery_Sarah_-_Seven_financial_conspiracies.zip

Preface. Would I add another to the multiplicity of books that is flooding the country ? Why not ? It is only a little book I offer, but it contains truths which if understood by the masses, would tend to awaken them to the dangers which threaten our free institutions. “ Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” and a people too indifferent or to self-satisfied to be mindful of their liberties are unworthy of such a boon. Republics are lost because their guardians—the people—entrust them to scheming politicians. We did not profit by the experience of other Republics, but followed in their footsteps,—and in their downfall we see our pending doom. That such a doom may be averted, I believe to be the desire of every patriotic citizen ; and if, in the perusal of these pages, my readers are awakened to a consciousness of impending danger, I shall feel that this labor has not been in vain. A revolution is upon us. Let us see to it that it is wrought by ballots, rather than bullets. S. E. V. E.. ...

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