Emry Sheldon - Paul and Joseph of Arimathea

Author : Emry Sheldon
Title : Paul and Joseph of Arimathea to "the gentiles"
Year : 1974

Link download : Emry_Sheldon_-_Paul_and_Joseph_of_Arimathea.zip

Chapter 1. Paul the Missionary History We Have Not Known. On these pages you are going to read some of the evidence that the Apostle Paul, Joseph of Arimathea, and others who knew our Lord "in the flesh," carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Western part of Europe and the British Isles, shortly after the death and Resurrection of Jesus. They established churches there and began the preaching that Christianized Western Europe and set the stage for England and Ireland to become the early Christian and missionary centers of the World. Much of what you will read in this small booklet is of events transpiring at the very beginning of what we know as, the "Christian" religion. They are of people and teachings that literally "turned the world upside down," yet are little known in modern America. A well known American recently made the observation that we are the best informed people in the world about the happenings of the last 24 hours; but know very little of the people. and events of a thousand years ago, or even of a few hundred. This brief history of "our" religion in its formative years is presented with the heartfelt prayer that you will receive a blessing from knowing more about those who carried the story of Jesus to our Race. Paul Plans Journey To Spain Since Paul is one of the central figures in the drama of early Christianity, we will first establish some known facts and dates about him before we consider the others. Halley’s Bible Handbook, published by Zondervan Publishing Co., has this to say on page 582 about Paul after he was taken to Rome in bonds: "It is generally accepted that Paul was acquitted, about A. D. 63 or 64. Whether he went on to Spain as he had planned (Romans 15:18) is not known. Tradition intimates that he did. But if he did, he did not remain long. It seems fairly certain that he was back in Greece and Asia Minor about A.D.65 to 67, in which period he wrote the Epistles to Timothy and Titus. Then, rearrested, he was taken back to Rome and beheaded about A.D. 67." Halley mentions Romans 15:28 in which Paul writes, "When therefore I have performed this and have sealed to them this fruit, I will come by you into Spain." Paul wrote this in the winter of A.D. 57-58 from Corinth, and from his own hand it is obvious he planned a trip to Spain. Halley, and other modern sources, say only "tradition" says Paul went on to Spain, but Halley does not mention any source for the "tradition" so I will. In the Turkish Archives in Constantinople there is a manuscript copy of "The Acts of the Apostles." It has one more chapter than the book of Acts in our English Bible and it is never mentioned by modern church "historians." Perhaps, they ignore it because it not only tells of Paul going to Spain, but, also, on to the British Isles. I will quote a few verses here, and then you'll find the entire "missing chapter" as an Appendix. ...

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