FM 6-2003 Ethnic Cleansing Operations

Author : Anonymous
Title : FM 6-2003 Ethnic Cleansing Operations
Year : 2003

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“Some white people, who are otherwise good people, who don’t hate blacks, are going to be pushed into the arms of these extremists if we don’t change course.” “Whites and the Next Racial Clash in America,” Carol Swain, PhD, Time, Feb. 18, 2003. Imagine waking up one morning to a day filled with growing ethnic violence. It could be triggered by anything, another motorist beaten by police, the shooting of a fleeing suspect, the discontinuation of a social program, a racist concert inciting violence bursting forth into the surrounding area, or any of a wide variety of incidents. Imagine watching television reports throughout that day, watching the violence grow from random to organized, and then to the systematic killings of entire families only because they had White skin. In truth, small incidents of ethnic cleansing have been going on in the United States for decades, but today new militant influences have taken root among American Blacks who are beginning to talk openly about the widespread ethnic cleansing of people with White skin. Politicians are struggling to ignore this ticking time bomb, but it is there nonetheless. Whites must wake up to the fact that we are not only victims of ongoing racist violence, but that we are about to be attacked with the intent of wiping out our entire race. This book is the response to the new Black militancy. It is different from any on the subject of ethnic cleansing, for instead of being a tear-jerking politically correct wish book meant for the liberal masses, this book is written specifically for the White race. Caucasians live in a very dangerous time. The forces of multiculturalism and militant non-Whites have already written our eulogy. They have an agenda to destroy us, and act on that agenda every single day. To confirm this, one need only to look at the local nightly news or a local newspaper to see stories of White men robbed and murdered, women raped and murdered, and children abducted and murdered by non-Whites. Yes, Whites do commit crimes, but in numbers nowhere near those of Blacks. In Cincinnati, Ohio, the city that the NAACP calls, “the ground zero of race relations in America,” the media bends over backwards to cover up the incredible rates of Blacks attacking and murdering Whites. Cincinnati was a main ending point for the “underground railroad” during the Civil War. Escaping slaves fled to Cincinnati in great numbers and many of them settled there. Today it is shocking to see how the descendants of escaping slaves relentlessly attack and murder the descendants of the people who welcomed them. During what came to be called the “April Riots” (2001) Cincinnati television stations withheld numerous reports of Whites being dragged from their cars and beaten by Blacks. They finally relented and warned (in a very awkward way) White residents to stay away from downtown. Newscasters had to admit that everything wasn’t as racially harmonious as they wanted everyone to believe. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the news media to cover up the savagery of Blacks. As a veteran of several political movements, among them drug law reform, prison sentencing reform, and pro-Second Amendment, I was exposed to information that revealed the true roadblock to the success of each movement. I can attest that the very statistics used to argue each movement’s case actually expose the racial ingredient. Appealing for sympathy, drug law reform activists will complain that racist laws and courts have intentionally packed the prisons with Blacks. The prison sentencing reform activists will say much the same thing. In the pro-Second Amendment movement there is great anger over growing restrictions on gun ownership because of their widespread use in crimes. Try though they may, activists within these movements find their way blocked. The fear of being called racist keeps them from admitting the truth that the preponderance of crimes—the violent crimes holding back an end to the Drug War, abolishing mandatory minimum sentencing, and revitalizing the Second Amendment, are perpetrated by Blacks. The fact is, the greatest numbers of users of guns in violent crimes are Black; the greatest numbers of repeat offenders are Black; and the greatest numbers of criminals in general are Black. If you back the numbers of Black offenders out of each issue, drug laws, sentencing, and gun crimes, the statistics look more like those from predominantly White Canada. The main reason that United States drug laws are not more realistic is because reform is impossible with violent Black drug offenders keeping the jails jammed. The reason gun rights are continuing to erode is because Blacks keep blowing people away. The reason that prison sentencing reform is bogged down is because violent Blacks are packing the prisons with repeat offenders. There are piles of readily available statistics from the Department of Justice confirming the preponderance of Black-perpetrated crimes, especially violent crimes, committed by a race making up only 12 percent of the total U.S. population. The time has come to end this raced-based violence once and for all. The purpose of this manual is to politically focus European Americans and to pass along time proven methods of ridding their cities of predatory Blacks and their White defenders. The contents of this book will undoubtedly raise a hailstorm of wrath on this author for having the temerity to instruct my brothers and sisters on exactly how to end their oppression once and for all. I make no apology these things, were I a Black or Chicano I would probably receive an award for being racially proud, but since I am White the attacks will come. Even though I do not dislike every member of any race, I am forced by Black racists to fight back or die. What this makes me is a racist, but a different kind of racist—a racist by necessity. Call me what you will, the genie of White nationalism is out of the bottle and it will not be put back inside. The racial situation inside the U.S. military exactly reflects American civilian society. When race riots become widespread you can expect the military to split down the same racial lines as the rest of the country. When soldiers begin to desert in racially distinct groups, and take the weapons with which they are familiar along with them, a textbook case of civil war will exist. White officers will lead armies of White soldiers and Black officers will lead mobs of Blacks. The effects of high tech warfare on civil society will be immense, rather like an enormous version of the disintegration of Yugoslavia. The main point I wish to make is that the deteriorating racial situation, if left to develop on its own, will lead to a future that resembles a Mad Max movie. This manual provides a way out of that scenario, a path to order and peace rather than chaos and squalor. For that reason, this field manual may become one of the most important books of the 21st century. ...

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