Fahey Denis - Money manipulation and social order

Author : Fahey Denis
Title : Money manipulation and social order
Year : 1944

Link download : Fahey_Denis_-_Money_manipulation_and_social_order.zip

Dedication. To the Immaculate Queen of Heaven and Earth, to St. Joseph, the Head of the Holy Family and the Protector of the Universal Churchy to St. Thomas Aquinas, the Catholic Church's Official Teacher of order, and to St. Brigid of Ireland, who was so well versed in the arts of rural life, this book is lovingly and humbly dedicated by the author, in the hope that by their intercession it may contribute in some little way to the return of the world to the full acceptance of the rule of Christ the King, so that social environment may once more sustain men in their efforts to live as members of His Mystical Body. " I have alluded to the appalling progress of desert-making on behalf of greed throughout the world. Erosion is a symptom of sickness in any civilization. To-day, as modern civilization is a world complex, it bids fair to engulf mankind. Already the spectre of world famine casts its shadow ahead. Even in forestry there is more need to plant trees to preserve life than there is to expl&it forests for felling. The financial rulers hfove the greatest responsibility for all this, since the system they administer has faithfully implemented human greed and ignorance. Financial greed has not only led the van, but directed the attack; and, having lent at interest sufficient money to exploit the soil, it has thereafter diverted the springs of credit that might have repaired the damage due to soil exploitation to the profitable business of transport, public utilities and luxury trades. The result is that it is as devastating to human material as it has been upon the soil. . . . Most of this degeneration can be laid finally at the door of finance, just as to the same door we can lay the twenty to thirty million unemployed who haunted the streets of Europe and America " (Alternative to Death, by the Earl of Portsmouth, pp. 40, 37). ...

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