Fascist economics and socialism of duty

Author : Wewelsburg Archives publication
Title : Fascist economics and socialism of duty
Year : 2017

Link download : Fascist_economics_and_socialism_of_duty.zip

One of the most plagued questions we get when talking about Fascism is economics, normally brought up by people still stuck in a liberal mentality and limited scope of perception, where everything is defined in term of social and economic policies, rather than principles derived from the notion of a singular Truth and Order that dominates the world. The variety of historic economic plans and practices maintained by various champions of our Struggle likewise distorts any comprehensive answer to the question. All in all we've simply answered people that economics are secondary, they don't matter in such a way as to be a fundamental and defining element of Fascism. The answer didn't change, however there is now a way in which we can describe this attitude to economics, and it's actually a word we've used repeatedly in reference to Fascism anyway: Socialism. Our Socialism, however, is not in of itself an economic system, it is not the Socialism of Marx and co and stands in direct opposition to both Communism and Capitalism. It would be more accurate to say that to Fascism, Socialism is the definitive social structure which is more comparable to the structures of Individualism and Collectivism, yet it stands in opposition to those two structures as well. Individualism creates a social structure in which every man is for himself, the good of the one trumps the good of the whole, this is the structure most related to Liberalism and the Capitalist economic system. Then we have Collectivism, which is, however, largely misinterpreted nowadays as the good of the whole above the good of the individual - this is a wrong interpretation, because collectivism in its essence is just a mass of individuals with a common interest. In individualism the one seeks out all of his interests on his own, in Collectivism many people who seeks out a common interest group together in the pursuit of that interest. ...

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