Faÿ Bernard - George Washington republican aristocrat

Author : Faÿ Bernard
Title : George Washington republican aristocrat
Year : 1931

Link download : Fay_Bernard_-_George_Washington_republican_aristocrat.zip

Preface. I have many people to thank for the help they gave me when I was preparing and writing this book. Dr. Jameson, of the Library of Congress, should be the first one, then M. de la Roncière, Conservateur des Imprimes à la Bibliothèque Nationale, and M. Girodie, Conservateur du Musée Américain de Blérancourt, who showed me manuscripts, pamphlets, books, and prints. Miss Yorke, Mr. Imbs, and several other kind friends have been generous enough to think my English worthy of their attention. The mistakes are still mine. The rest is largely theirs. All the friends who guided and helped me when I was studying Franklin had their share in making suggestions or giving advice for this 'Washington,' Please see the list in the Preface of my 'Franklin.' Without them I should never have ventured to speak of so great a man. Now I have done so, I hope they will not regret it. B. F. PARIS, July, 1931. ...

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