Faÿ Bernard - Roosevelt and his America

Author : Faÿ Bernard
Title : Roosevelt and his America
Year : 1933

Link download : Fay_Bernard_-_Roosevelt_and_his_America.zip

Preface. The world seems to be enjoying an era of bad feeling. Europe misunderstands the United States, not so much because it knows nothing of America, but because it has a too dry and intellectual know-ledge of America and has ceased seeing it as a living unit. It has heard so much about "American standardization", "American prosperity", "American methods", that it has forgotten America itself. For most Europeans America is a big factory, where everybody is busily engaged in following the rules elaborated by a few famous engineers, such as Messrs. Ford, Edison and Hoover, and by Owen D. Young. America appears as the incarnation and summing up of the industrial civilization of to-day, and as such it is condemned and denounced. Nobody seems to remember that America is a nation which has already gone through several stages and kinds of civilizations and whose real greatness has been to forge ahead and develop from generation to generation constantly new forms of social life and human culture. My first aim and hope in writing this book was to remind Europeans that America is a force, not a formula. It would have been easier to praise America, but it would have led nowhere. ...

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