Faye Guillaume - Sex and deviance

Author : Faye Guillaume
Title : Sex and deviance
Year : 2011

Link download : Faye_Guillaume_-_Sex_and_deviance.zip

Introduction. Sex is the foundation of nations, since it determines their reproduction. Sex is a central dimension in the analysis of societies. Today, the status of sex throughout the West displays a deep mental and social pathology tantamount to a fundamental inversion of the most basic natural norms. We are no longer faced with a mere ‘ideology’ that orients and guides sex, as has always occurred in different forms through the ages and in different cultures, but always within the bounds of a certain naturalness; we are faced with a pathological transgression of these bounds. This disguises itself as a morality of progress, liberation, justice, and equality. The best example of this is furnished by the status which homosexuality has assumed, being considered the equivalent to heterosexuality not merely at an ethical and anthropological level, but also at the level of the social bond. The same goes for racemixing as a moral imperative, and the loss of any normative bio-anthropological standards in the West. We are witnessing a metapolitical development of the egalitarian cancer (of the sort Giorgio Locchi,1 as a good physician of ideas, has diagnosed so perfectly). It is also interesting to observe that the more pornography intensifies, the fewer children people have. Virtual sex is replacing real sex. In the West, sex has disconnected itself from reproduction, and the sexualisation of society is proportional to its sterility and its infertility. Sex, because it is connected to biological reproduction, provides a good case study of the health or sickness of human societies. These remarks, however, do not imply any condemnation of eroticism on my part - quite the contrary. ...

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