Feely Raymond T. - Just what is communism

Author : Feely Raymond T.
Title : Just what is communism The Case Against Communism
Year : 1935

Link download : Feely_Raymond_T_-_Just_what_is_communism.zip

"What's wrong with Communism anyway?" — "If one would leave out the atheism and some of the Soviet ideas on women, Communism wouldn't be a bad thing, would it?" These questions are being asked by thousands today and every intelligent man and woman demands a reply that is at once clear, authentic and convincing. This pamphlet and its successors in this series will attempt to set forth the answer to these and other problems in a brief and popular form. There will be no "redbaiting," no hysterical flag-waving—just a calm arrayal of facts and official documents. In this, the first of the series, "The Case Against Communism," only two points will be discussed. JUST W H A T IS COMMUNISM? IS COMMUNISM ESSENTIALLY ATHEISTIC? Succeeding pamphlets will treat of "Communism and Marriage," "Communism and Liberty," etc., etc. Since this pamphlet limits itself to the atheistic element of Communism, its purport must be clearly set forth. It is not written for men and women who have scrapped the old Credo, "I believe in God," and replaced it by the arrogant creed, "I believe in man"; it is not written for men and women who sneer at prayer as but mummery, who look upon marriage as mere mating, who learnedly dispense themselves from the Ten Commandments by terming them "inhibitions," and who, in short, regard human conduct as mere biochemical reactions. This pamphlet is written for the average American who believes in God, in an immortal soul, in a code of morality, and who still clings to the old, but not oldfashioned, virtues of religion, of honesty, of decency, and of loyalty and respect for authority. It is written particularly for men and women of the above type who are disheartened by the present financial crisis, who disgusted with our present economic structure grasp avidly at any new system which promises relief from unemployment and freedom from poverty. It is written, therefore, chiefly for those who are deluded by the propagandists of Moscow and would see in Communism "a way out," who think, if they do not openly say, that Communism might be "worth a trial." "Of course, they would insist on religious freedom, etc.; they are tired of being exploited; they believe in State control of production," and so on and so on. Do you believe in God? If you do, then you cannot subscribe to Marxian Communism. That statement is clear, blunt and provable. The sole purpose of this first pamphlet is to prove that Communism is essentially atheistic. If you believe in God, then not only can you not look sympathetically on the Soviet State, the Communist Party and the Third International (these are three names for one and the same thing as we shall see later on), but we owe it to God, to our country and to ourselves to be militantly anticommunistic. But before we go into this fundamental issue let us have clear notions. Modern "isms" are miserably confusing and foggy. Let us first answer the question: WHAT IS COMMUNISM? Communism in its widest and generic significance means a sharing of interests, e.g., we may share a common joy or sorrow or home, etc. Usually the term is restricted to ownership of a material thing, e.g., the community property of husband and wife. However, and rivet this to your mind, when we speak of Communism in the world today, one thing and one thing only is meant, viz., Marxian Communism. Communism means the doctrines of the Manifesto of Marx and Engels as interpreted by Lenin and Stalin, and as put into practice in Russia since November, 1917. No matter how learnedly certain college "pygmies on pyramids" may prate, no matter how glibly high salaried propagandists may talk, no matter what mask the international "Dillinger" may wear, the term "Communism" has but one significance when used today, viz., the theory of Marx as reduced to practice by Lenin in Russia, and which under Lenin and Stalin has sought to be internationalized. DEFINITION. Communism is a materialistic philosophy of life which advocates the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat in all countries throughout the world by violent revolution or by any means which may be deemed necessary in order to ultimately arrive at and preserve a classless society, in which there shall be no private ownership, and in which all property shall be vested in the community as a whole, and all labor and human activities organized for the common benefit by a centralized group of workers' representatives. ...

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