Feeney Leonard - The Point 1956

Author : Feeney Leonard
Title : The Point 1956
Year : 1956

Link download : Feeney_Leonard_-_The_Point_1956.zip

The jewish gangs of Boston. The Siege. It has been the repeated warning of a local rabbi named Joseph Shubow that, “Boston, Massachusetts, is a pivotal city for United States’ Jewry.” In plain American, what the rabbi means is that, “Unless we Jews can control the Catholic city of Boston, it will stand as a serious threat to our grip on the rest of the country.” With this in mind, The Point has decided to start off the new year by sharing with its outof- town readers some on-the-spot information about the full-scale Jewish siege of Boston Catholics. And siege it most decidedly has become, for Joseph Shubow’s spiritual children have taken his message to heart. They are fighting the “Battle of Boston” with dedicated zest, and if, as Shubow complains, some of the less zealous ones do occasionally sleep, we have yet to discover them at it. An outland observer might well conclude to Boston’s Semitic beleaguerment merely from knowing the high concentration of Jews in the place. For, apart from the fiveborough ghetto of New York, there is not one city among America’s forty largest which can surpass Boston’s nearly twenty-per-cent Jewish population. To the vanishing Boston Brahmin, and the multiplying Boston Catholic, the Jewish assault is every day becoming more evident. Brandeis University, elbowing its way into Boston’s ivy-covered college clique, is a front-line division in the current Hebrew campaign. At the outset, Brandeis was scheduled to be “Einstein University,” until that frankly-Communist mathematician went into a pout over the appointment of a president. Einstein wanted bright-Red Harold Lasky to get the job, the directors thought the choice “imprudent.” Still, the latest appointment to Brandeis’ Jewish faculty is Dr. Felix Browder, son of Earl, the late head of the American Communist Party. This appointment got rave notices in the Boston press, as do all Brandeis activities. Recent sample: a photograph of Archbishop Richard J. Cushing eagerly attentive to the Semitic jesting of Brandeis Trustee Joseph Linsey, a local Jewish racketeer and racetrack owner. A considerable weapon in the fight to gain control of the city has been an Interfaith organization called the Massachusetts Committee of Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, founded by Boston Jew Ben Shapiro. This gentleman’s success came vividly home to The Point when a prominent pastor explained to us that he was obliged to attend a synagogue service because, “Ben Shapiro asked me to !” ...

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