Findel Joseph Gabriel - History of fremasonry from its rise down to the present day

Author : Findel Joseph Gabriel
Title : History of fremasonry from its rise down to the present day
Year : 1866

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To J. G. Findel, Worstipful Sir and Brother. Tour highly esteemed favour of Feb. 23, is received, and the intimation therein contained of yonr intention to dedicate your proposed English edition of a standard work upon Freemasonry, to the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, we deem a high compliment. Dating as far back as 1733, the M. W. Gd. Lodge of Massachusetts, has the honor to be the oldest 6d. Lodge in America, she can therefore also assure you, that it has been the practice of this venerable Gd. Lodge, to disseminate masonic knowledge and principles, to their fullest extent. We gratefully accept your flattering honor of the dedication. With sentiments of the highest esteem and masonic regard, in behalf of the Gd. Lodge of Massachusetts, I am Fraternally yours William Parkman, Grand Master. ...

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