Flowers Stephen Edred - Hermetic magic

Author : Flowers Stephen Edred (Thorsson Edred)
Title : Hermetic magic The postmodern magical papyrus of Abaris
Year : 1995

Link download :

Preface. "Quod superius est sicut quod inferius et quod inforius est sicut quod superius ad perpetranda miracula rei unius. That which is above is like that which is below and that which is below is like that which is above, to achieve the wonders of rhe One Thing." These words ring our from the wisdom of Hermes Trismegisros - the Thrice-Greatest, as recorded in the Tabula Smaragdina, or Emerald Tablet. As it was, so it might also be, applied to the Hermetic laws as far as the working of true Hermetic magical formulas is concerned. The Hermetic tradition of magic is one of the most often invoked of the so-called Western schools of magic. Its technical formulas have been well documented for nearly a hundred years. But even now they remain only barely known to the community of modern magicians - or theurgists - who would make use of them. ...

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