Flowers Stephen Edred - Original magic

Author : Flowers Stephen Edred
Title : Original magic The rituals and initiations of the persian magi
Year : 2017

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Preface. The word magic ultimately derives from the Indo-European root underlying the Iranian term magû, which denoted a priestly class of men schooled in (and initiated into) the arts and sciences of forging a salutary link between the supernal realm and the terrestrial world of events and phenomena. They were so skilled and famed for their effectiveness that the practices they engaged in came to mean what we today call “magic.” Unfortunately, much of their wisdom, for which they were also renowned, was lost along the way, at least as far as Western practitioners of magic were concerned. The original form of magic was aimed at individual self-development (initiation) and the application of the art and science of their particular craft toward the overall betterment of the world and of other individuals in the world. The ultimate aim of magic was individual and collective happiness (Av. ushta). In the hands of the unwise, magic quickly devolves into sorcery—the unsystematic application of similar techniques for the alleviation of temporary emergency situations. Mazdans, both ancient and modern, both Eastern and Western, deplore sorcery yet practice the most exalted form of magic. As I have noted, the very word magic is derived from their tradition. For the ancient Iranians, who belonged to the Indo-European family of cultures, there was little distinction between magic and religion. Theirs was a magical religion, and it remains so today. These ancient traditions are still very much kept alive among modernday Zoroastrians. Once the world’s single most influential religious community, orthodox Zoroastrians now number fewer than 300,000 people scattered all over the world. There are, however, signs that the religion is making a comeback throughout the world. But this is not a book about the religion of Zoroastrianism. It is a book of magic and magical initiation to be used by individuals of various backgrounds. Readers who are interested in an outline of the religious system of the Mazdan way tailored for Westerners should consult my book The Good Religion (Lodestar, 2014). Knowledge of the history and cultural values of the original magicians enhances the student’s understanding of the workings of the art and science of magic. It is for this reason that the study of this ancient culture and mythology is highly recommended. It is my personal hope that those who undertake this system of magical work will be so impressed with the effectiveness of the system that they will expand their interests to the larger Mazdan way. In any event, by making use of this system all individuals will be made better and brought closer to the moment when genuine happiness will be theirs. ...

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