Flowers Stephen Edred - Runelore

Author : Flowers Stephen Edred (Thorsson Edred)
Title : Runelore A handbook of esoteric runology
Year : 1987

Link download :

About the Cover. The Brö stone is an example of a Medieval memorial stone, discussed in Chapter 3. On the surface, its message reads: "Ginnlog, Hölmgel's daughter, sister of Sygröd and of Got, she had this bridge built and raised this stone after Assur her husband, son of Hakon the earl. He was guardian against the Vikings together with Geter. God help now his spirit and soul." As was common with runic memorial stones, it is possible that a deeper occult meaning is encoded into how the runes were actually carved. From a historical perspective, this stone gives us a glimpse of the Swedish coastal defense organization that kept watch against Viking raiders. The Bra stone probably dates to the late 1100's, and is located in Uppsala, the ancient sacred capital of pagan Sweden. ...

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