Frawley David - Ayurvedic healing

Author : Frawley David
Title : Ayurvedic healing A comprehensive guide
Year : 1989

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Foreword. I started reading the manuscript of Ayurvedic Healing with a simple curiosity to see how a Western teacher and practitioner of Ayurveda interprets it. I ended my reading with profound admiration of his deep insight and clear grasp of the fundamental principles of this ancient Indian Science of Life. It was a fascinating experience for me to observe how a Western mind enters with perfect ease into the realms of intuitive knowledge of the East. This book is a splendid attempt to build a bridge of understanding between the Eastern and Western minds and their two often opposite views of life. The author has succeeded in giving a reorientation of our ancient wisdom of India to suit the needs of the modern world. He has rightly pointed out that "Ayurveda today is part of a new movement towards a global medicine that includes the best developments from all lands." The author's effort in this and his other books will certainly help in creating a proper climate for such a synthesis. Dr. Frawley enjoys some unique advantages as an Ayurvedic spokesmen. He is primarily a Vedic scholar. Ayurveda is part of the Vedas, the oldest record of supreme knowledge and experience of mankind, the essence of which is man's harmony with nature and the individual's oneness with the universe. Ayurveda is to be viewed in such a wider perspective. Dr. Frawley has developed that vision. He is well acquainted with Sanskrit, the language of the original texts of Ayurveda. This has enabled him to reveal the deeper meanings of the terms and concepts mentioned in the texts. Literal translation of the Sanskrit terms into English almost destroys the sense of what was originally meant. Dr. Frawley is faithful to the spirit of the teachings in his translation and adaptation of them. In addition he is a student of Yoga, the practical science of mind. He has acquired expertise in Vedic Astrology. He has studied and taught Chinese medicine. Naturally, with such a rare combination, he is the most qualified person to introduce Ayurveda to the Western world in light of its contemporary problems and life-style. His attempt symbolizes the world view of health. ...

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