Frawley David - Gods, sages and kings

Author : Frawley David
Title : Gods, sages and kings
Year : 1991

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Preface. There is much ground for believing that ancient India was more central to the origins of civilization than is presently considered, that it may be the source of civilization as we know it. This has been the main belief of the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and many Western mystical and occult groups like the Theosophists have held similar ideas. A few Western historians have also inclined to this view. Though most Western scholars and the current view of history still see a Middle Eastern origin for civilization, much new information is coming out that may challenge this view. Gods, Sages and Kings proposes the idea of an ancient Indian and Himalayan home for world civilization. It proceeds primarily through a reexamination of the Vedic literature of ancient India and proposes a new decipherment of Vedic symbolism on three levels: 1. The Rig Veda, the oldest of the Vedic texts, portrays the geography of north India as it was thousands of years ago, probably before 3000 BC. The Veda shows a very early era prior to the coming into being of the Rajasthan desert of western India when a mighty river - the Vedic Saraswati - flowed through what was then the central Vedic land. The existence and extent of this river has now been proved by modern research, which has traced its ancient course from the Himalayan foothills to the Rann of Kutch on the Arabian Sea. The Vedic rivers can be identified with the main rivers of modern India and Pakistan. The Veda also shows a maritime culture that knew of and travelled on more than one sea. 2. The Vedic people had a calendar based upon astronomical sightings relative to the equinoctial positions going back from 2000 BC to at least 6000 BC, from the age of Taurus to that of Cancer. This Vedic calendar was modified periodically according to precessional changes which can be documented up to the positions found in Hindu calendars today. It indicates that astronomy and astrology may have originated in India. 3. The Vedic hymns reflect the practice of Yoga and meditation, including a knowledge of the seven chakras of the subtle body - the foundation of all later yogic practices both Hindu and Buddhist. This indicates a profound spiritual culture existing at the dawn of human history and a spiritual rather than materialistic origin for human culture as a whole. ...

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