Frawley David - Hinduism and the clash of civilizations

Author : Frawley David
Title : Hinduism and the clash of civilizations
Year : 2001

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Foreword. I first became aware of David Frawley's work earlier this year when I was at the University bookshop in Bloomsbury, near to my London home. It used to be called Dillon's and owned by a longestablished and worthy firm. Now it is Waterstone's, a thrusting 'success story' of modern entrepreneurship. No longer a traditionally British bookshop, staffed by friendly amateurs, Waterstone' s has all the characteristics of a giant American emporium: glossy, squeaky-clean and staffed by indifferent, overworked students. Like its American counterparts, it is replete with self-help guides for stressed male executives and bitter, miserable career women, both products of a disturbed society. In the basement, a bar serves caffe latte, chocolate muffins and a bewildering variety of fruit juice. Waterstone's, in other words, is a microcosm of the global monoculture, that spiritual and economic malaise which Frawley so incisively explores. Yet beneath all the gloss, there persist many of the qualities of a fine English bookshop, where rich gems of scholarship and wisdom come to unexpected light, just as rich traditions of spiritual insight still withstand the modern Fetich of the market. ...

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