Frawley David - Mantra Yoga and primal sound

Author : Frawley David
Title : Mantra Yoga and primal sound Secrets of Seed (Bija) Mantras
Year : 2010

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Foreword. Dr. David Frawley, Pandit Vamadeva Shastri, is a modern Renaissance man for Eastern mystical studies. If one is interested in Vedic Astrology, he has insightful books filled with information and wisdom about this ancient science. If one is drawn to the ancient science of healing called Ayurveda, again David Frawley has books that will illumine the subject for you and guide you to further reading and studies. If your interests lie in the area of classical tantric practices - and I don't mean of the sexual variety, but of the true mystical approaches - then you again will do well to consult the books expertly rendered by David Frawley. But his reach is yet greater. In India he is recognized as an historian of modern importance. He coauthored Hidden Horizons - Unearthing 10,000 Years of Indian Culture, which has been publicly lauded by many Jagadgurus and spiritual leaders in India. So it is with appreciation for his stellar contributions to Hindu mystical practice, history and thought that I approach this Foreword to yet another great contribution from him:the topic of Sanskrit Mantra. Classical descriptions of mantra are grounded in the idea that this entire creation at both the manifest and subtle levels is nearly endless combinations of the finite vibrations that scholars and mystics alike call the Matrika -The Mother: The Sanskrit alphabet. Whether it is Satya Loka, the realm of pure Truth at the top of the realms of light, or Patala Loka, the lowest of the seven nether realms, the composition of these lokas and the beings of form that inhabit them are composed of various permutations and combinations of the Matrika: The Sanskrit Alphabet. In various mystical texts the Matrika is commonly referred to as "She who binds and She who sets free." If we are unaware of the existence, power and operation of the Matrika, we are inexorably bound to the wheel of death and rebirth - Samsara. We are in the thrall of She who binds. But if we understand, even if only a little, and practice ancient spiritual formulas called mantras, we enter the realm of "She who sets us free." Mantra is often referred to as "The Divine Name," called "Nama" in Sanskrit. If one goes to any Hindu Temple and approaches one of the priests and says questioningly, "Nama Eva, Nama Eva ... " there will invariably come the response, "Kevalam, Kevalam." This exchange roughly translates as, "The Name alone, the Name alone ... sets one free, sets one free." The understanding between the questioner and responder is that the practice of Sanskrit mantra is the single most efficacious spiritual practice for the current period of Spiritual Winter, called Kali Yuga. ...

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