Fritsch Ludwig Adolphus - The crime of our age

Author : Fritsch Ludwig Adolphus
Title : The crime of our age Dedicated to the Christian people of America in the firm belief that the truth will arouse them to action.
Year : 1947

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In the short time of a year this appeal, directed at the conscience of Christians in this country, experienced the third edition. Trusting in the honesty of the seekers of truth, the second edition was mailed out in good faith. The President, the Government Officials, all Congressmen and other key personalities received their free copy. "THE CRIME OF OUR AGE" brought forth divided opinions. The reaction equaled the expectation. On one side are historians, church and civic Leaders, and the mass of the righteous, who mean to do well to both our fatherland America as well as the raped motherland Germany. They praise the book as courageous, truthful, end honest. On The other side are the unscrupulous war mongers and hypocrites, who lambasted the author with all sorts of names, without being able to refute the historical facts. The most bitter disappointment so far experienced, was from the renegade Germans and the Protestant clergy. While a prince of the Catholic Church frankly admitted: "lt. hurts terribly to read your book, but it is the truth, and all truth hurts," a number of Protestant pastors, unfortunately Lutherans among them, condemned the book as "unpatriotic" and "whitewash Germany." They continually emphasize how much charity they do for Germany, but they do not have the moral courage to admit who planned end executed the single crime of "unconditional surrender," the "Morgenthau plan," the "Planned Famine," etc., through which Germany and the whole world were thrust into chaos and misery. I do not know ii it is the depth of stupidity, the conspiracy of silence, or a deliberate criminality that they will not grasp the coherence of world events. I have nothing to change or revoke from the contents of the book. In the contrary, the slow filtration of the truth and the preparation for World War III prove all too well my prediction. We will have to pay very dearly for the sins of our misleaders. I have added a supplement, "GERMAN-AMERICAN’S GUILT IN THE MISERY OF THE WORLD," to the original text. Herein proof is given that the misery of the motherland lies on the conscience of disloyal German- Americans. Whoever can refute this fact is welcome to do so. In my single handed crusade I wish to mention these hundreds of letters of thanks and appreciation that I have received, I think of one particular Christian group from New Jersey who brought my personal self and cause before God’s Throne of Grace at a prayer meeting. To them and the many other inspiring well-wishers from coast to coast, I would like to express my heart felt appreciation. And so I send out the Third Edition of this message of truth into the homes and hearts of America. May it stir the conscience! It is my deep-rooted conviction that a rescue of Christian culture and civilization is only possible through the union of Germany and America into a brotherly alliance. However, this is only possible after we repair the tremendous injustice and the unimaginable damage done to Germany and the millions of the expelled East Germans (Volksdeutsche). That is our Christian duty. ...

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