G_d - How the jews betrayed mankind Volume 1 The sumerian swindle

Author : G_d
Title : How the jews betrayed mankind Volume 1 The sumerian swindle (5,000 BC to 1500 BC)
Year : 2012

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Introduction. “In the beginning were the Jews.” At least, this is how the Jews would write the history of Mankind if they could get away with it. But in fact, in the beginning, there were no Jews. The lies that they wrote about themselves in the Old Testament are just that – lies. Here is the real story of How the Jews Betrayed Mankind. By making grandiose claims that give themselves value when no value is actually there, those evil creatures known as rabbis will tell you that the Jews are a unique people blessed above all other people by the mightiest god of the entire Universe. This god has sanctified them above all other people because they are so wonderful. But this claim cannot stand even when casually inspected. Unique with their very own history, aloof from all outsiders, concentrating their energies on the glorification of their god, untouched by the crassness of the goyim around them as they strive for holiness and perfection – these are some of the attributes that the rabbis would like you to believe about them even though none of it is true. They would like you to believe that among men, the Jews are as rare and unique as a virgin mother. But are the Jews really unique or do they only tell you that they are? After all, it costs nothing to brag about yourself. And if self-congratulation brings you prestige, wealth and influence – all for the price of hot air and flapping lips – well, then, who has more hot air and flapping lips than a self-glorifying rabbi? Regardless of what the Jews say, when you inspect the actual merchandise, you will find that the sparkling Jews are only made of glass. This is why the Jews are so allergic to criticism because their lies are so easily broken. By claiming that they are unique, the Jews can more easily avoid the obvious observation that they are exactly like any other secretive groups that have plagued Mankind. They are not unique like shining saints but, rather, they are unique like carnival barkers and con artists who claim to be more than they are, just so that they can deceive you and relieve you of your money. Part of the reason that the People of the world have difficulty in understanding what scoundrels the Jews are, is because most people don’t have the usual reference points for contrast. The Jews encourage this blindness by parroting their old lie that “we Jews are a unique people unlike any other.” The Jews pretend to be God’s Chosen Saints while simultaneously committing all manner of crimes and atrocities against Humanity. Ordinary people cannot discern the depths of the fraud simply because the distance between the actual facts of Jewish criminality and the self-glorified myth of Jewish holiness is so great – the distance between the reality and the lie is so great – that it boggles the mind. Little crooks are understandable but big crooks are difficult to fathom. Ordinary people (whom the Jews call “goyim” which means “non-Jew animals and insects”) cannot imagine that entire families and an entire nation of betrayers and swindlers could possibly exist. Yes, single and small groups of robbers are understandable to the average person. But an entire nation of thieves and liars is too much for the ordinary person to comprehend. And so, because we cannot comprehend it, we do not believe that such an organized and predatory cult does exist. As a result, the Jews get away with their crimes and the People end up being swindled and betrayed, impoverished, defrauded and murdered by hucksters wearing yarmulkes. So that you will have open eyes before entering into the actual history of the Betrayers of Mankind, I will first show you some similarities of the Jews to another criminal conspiracy that had plagued Mankind undetected for many centuries. After all, to prove that the Jews are not as unique as they claim to be, it is necessary to first show their similarity to other people. So, if the Jews are not unique, then to whom are they similar? It is important first to get these general background ideas firmly in mind as you study this history of the Jews because we are dealing here with hundreds and thousands of years in time. And during this long time, entire families and clans and towns full of Jewish parents have been teaching their children their criminal skills and passing this conspiratorial lore and subterfuge along through countless generations of Jewish thieves and murderers. This is an historical fact that you must keep in mind as you read this book – consecutive generations of crime families have existed and they presently do exist while they protect their secrets and transmit their schemes through many subsequent generations of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. And so, to prove that the Jews are criminals and frauds and liars and deceivers and murderers, it is necessary to first show that they are not a unique variation in human history. In fact, they are very similar to the Mafia crime families found in Italy and in America today and especially similar to the Thuggees of Old India. Such historic crime organizations as the Italian Mafia and the Thuggees of Old India have identical characteristics with the Jews of today as you will soon see for yourself. ...

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