Gayman Dan - The Duties of Christian citizen

Author : Gayman Dan
Title : The Duties of Christian citizen A Handbook On Christian Cititzenship
Year : 1992

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Stop, think, look, and listen! If you live in the United States of America or any other Abrahamic nation, this handbook is for you and those with whom you fellowship. Natural born citizens of The Republic of the United States of America enjoy gifts, privileges, and blessings of liberty that no one dares take for granted. We can never assume that we are born with the inherent rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The blessings and privileges that we have long enjoyed as citizens of the Republic of the United States of America diminish daily from our lives as the public policy of government reaches its strong arm to control and police every area oflife. Instruction in Christian Citizenship is long overdue in our generation. Time is running out. Let us pray that Godly repentance under the blood of Jesus Christ and a restoration of ourselves under Bible Law will return the years that the palmerworm, caterpillar, locust, and cankerworm have consumed. Americans living today have taken freedom for granted. Most people assume that America will be here forever, that freedom is something that will always be in tact, and that liberty is a guaranteed reality at birth. As grateful as we may be for the freedom we still enjoy, the reality is that long standing liberties are being swallowed by the ever growing public policy and police state power of the Federal, State, and County governments. There is a direct relationship between the loss of I iberty and the righteousness of the population of our country. The more that wickedness abounds, the less freedom there is to enjoy. Politics is the administration of the religious tenets of the people. The morality of the people is always reflected back in the public policy that governs the nation. When the hearts of the people are wicked, the hearts of civil rulers will grow hardened and oppressive. When righteousness prevails among the people, morality and accountability issue forth in government. Living in a time when wickedness and sin of every kind abound in the heartsofthe people and the public policy and police forceofthe nation reflects that unrighteousness, it becomes urgent that the Christian remnant addresses the issue of citizenship. What are the duties of Christian citizenship in a day of great wickedness? What are some specific steps that Christians can take to assume their rightful responsibility as citizens of The Republic of the United States of America? What kind and quality of citizenship should we be practicing before our children? And what kind of a country will our children inherit? Do we want them to be citizens of The Republic of the United States of America or of the Legislative Democracy of the United States? All too often people retreat into a psychological state of intimidation and simply retire from the battle. Thousands of good Christian people simply have given up. They do not know what to do. Having convinced themselves that the problem is too great to resolve, they simply retreat and do nothing. This handbook is intended to explore the duties of a Christian citizen and redefine the goals of the Christian remnant in this generation with respect to government. Christian citizenship is vital to the security and well being of our country and the future of our children. Our children deserve to know what they must do to discharge the duties of Christian Citizenship. How can they do this if the parents do not lead the way? Christian citizenship begins in the life of the family, the foundation for all government in both the church and the state. May this Handbook on Christian Citizenship arrest the attention of the pulpit, the pew, and the home altars of this nation. Wherever freemen in Jesus Christgatherto renew their salvation, may the duties of Christian Citizenship be held high in the chambers of truth. A full generation ago, thousands of quaint, primitive one room rural school houses dotted the landscape of America. Within their walls, boys and girls learned reading writing, and arithmetic, plus a whole lot more. It was amid the wood and coal burning stoves and dimly lighted one room buildings that they learned to sing our National Anthem, pledged allegiance to The Republic of the United States of America, prayed for our country's leaders, and memorized Scripture from the Holy Bible. They were taught the duties of a Christian citizen. They were taught to love, honor, and respect the Pilgrims and the Puritans. They were taught that Jesus Christ and the Bible was the foundation of this nation. They learned that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. They memorized and discussed the Ten Commandments. They learned to admire and respect the founding fathers of this country. They were required to memorize and be able to intelligently discuss the first Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, otherwise known as the Bill of Rights. It is imperative to remember that our heritage as American citizens is nothing that can be guaranteed. Every generation of free men has the responsibility to see that the Christian foundations of this nation in Jesus Christ and the Bible remain secure and strong. We must pray that the truth of the Ten Commandments will be quickened and made alive on the tables of our hearts by the Holy Spirit. America was born and baptized in the covenant Law of the Bible. The Ten Commandments were the covenant rock upon which our Pilgrim and Puritan fathers carved the American nation. Our performance as a covenant people must be examined in this generation. We have broken covenant with our God, and the Ten Commandments lie buried beneath an avalanche of secular humanism. May the hearts and minds of our Anglo, Saxon, Scandinavian, and Germanic sons and daughters be instructed in the covenant Law of our God, for therein lies the future of our freedom and of our country. Our knowledge of Christian Citizenship is barely alive in this generation. As millions of home schoolers across this land become instructed in the Christian ideals of God and Scripture, let us pray that the duties of Christian citizenship will be added to their curriculum. May all of us, from the pulpits and the pews to the colleges/universities and work places of America rekindle a love of Christian Citizenship. Let us come forth from the dens, caves, and rocks of secular humanism and find our way back to Jesus Christ and the Word, for it is in finding Him and the truth of His Word that we shall establish in ourmindsand hearts the duties of a Christian citizen. May the pages of this handbook bless all of God's people, especially the children of this generation. Pastor Dan Gayman. ...

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