Gehring Albert - Racial contrasts

Author : Gehring Albert
Title : Racial contrasts Distinguishing Traits of the Graeco-Latins and Teutons
Year : 1908

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Most prominent among the Aryan races are the Graeco-Latins and Teutons : besides the ancient Greeks and Romans, the former comprise the ItaHans, Spaniards, Portuguese, French, and Wallachians ; the latter include the Germans, English, Dutch, and Scandinavians. Though resembling one another in many respects when compared with non-Aryan peoples, these races exhibit striking differences of character and institutions when contrasted inter se. The Greeks and Latins are talkative, vivacious, and quick in their actions, the English and Germans taciturn and deliberative. The latter are passionate lovers of nature, the former evince but little enthusiasm for the glories of Pan. Southern nations have excelled in sctilpture and painting, northern ones in music. Gothic cathedrals bewilder with their complexity, Greek temples are simple and of exquisite proportions. Some of the distinctions have been merged into broader ones. Graeco-Latin art may be characterised as classic, Teutonic art as romantic, a generalisation which comprises a multitude of smaller differences. On the one hand the form is said to receive more attention, on the other the significance. Teutonic modes of thought are inclined to be religious, southem nations manifest a tendency toward worldliness and sensuality. ...

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