Goldmann Nahum - The autobiography of Nahum Goldmann

Author : Goldmann Nahum
Title : The autobiography of Nahum Goldmann
Year : 1969

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Preface. These memoirs are both more and less than an autobiography -less because they touch only lightly upon my personal life since my public career began, and more because they attempt to analyze and present, in the perspective of that career, the central problems my Jewish generation had to face. Thanks either to fate or to my own character, I have been actively involved in most of the crucial questions of Jewish life of the last few decades. In this I differ from such Jewish leaders as Chaim Weizmann, David Ben-Gurion, and Moshe Sharett, who concentrated their activity almost exclusively on Zionist and Israeli problems.Therefore, any account of my contribution to the solution of the problems of my generation cannot be separated from an analysis of those problems as I saw them, and for this reason these memoirs make no claim to objectivity. The man who is actively engaged can never be entirely objective. Events and personalities are presented here, to the best of my recollection, as I saw and interpreted them, and the same is true of judgments, which obviously reflect only my own position. This book does not pretend to be an exhaustive treatment of the great Jewish problems of the last fifty years; it is, as I have said, simply an account of my share in their solution. ...

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