Graf Jürgen - The keepers of the holy grail and their lies

Author : Graf Jürgen
Title : The keepers of the holy grail and their lies : Tomasz Kranz and the “Mass killings by means of toxic gases in the Majdanek concentration camp”.
Year : 2010

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In 2008, the Keepers of the Holy Grail of Holocaust Orthodoxy once again struck out in an effort to square the circle. At that time, they held a meeting at Oranienburg near Berlin, the aim of which was to furnish “new evidence” for the evasive genocide in gas chambers on a massive scale, a phantom which has left no documentary or material traces. A collection of articles edited by Günter Morsch and Bertrand Perz, two third-rate “Holocaust Scholars”, appeared three years later under the title Neue Studien zu Nationalsozialistischen Mas-sentötungen durch Giftgas; it contained the texts of the papers presented at the meeting, probably edited and enlarged as is normally the case for such works. As I write these lines (April 2011), Carlo Mattogno is working on a comprehen-sive reply to the theses of this collection; in time, his book will be published in Italian and in German. Since we are in the process of preparing a new edition of Concentration Camp Majdanek. A historical and technical study, I will use this opportunity to analyze, independently from Mattogno’s future book, the eight-page section of the collection mentioned, written by Tomasz Kranz and entitled, “Massentötungen durch Giftgase im Konzentrationslager Majdanek” (Mass killings by means of toxic gases at the Majdanek concentration camp). Kranz, who is the head of the research department of the Majdanek Memorial institution, had caused a minor sensation in late 2005 when he set the number of victims of the camp at 78,000 - something that amounted to a major revision of previous figures: shortly after the liberation of the Majdanek camp, a Polish-Soviet commission spoke of 1.5 million people who allegedly died there; later on, official Polish historiography brought this figure down to 360,000 in 1948 and to 235,000 in 1992. As I have shown in an article published in 2008, Kranz’ figure is still too high by some 28,000 deaths. ...

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