Greene Liz - The astrology of fate

Author : Greene Liz
Title : The astrology of fate
Year : 1984

Link download :

In troduction. What is ordained is master of the gods and thee. Euripides. Once upon a time, it is said, there lived in Isfahan a young man who spent his days as servant to a wealthy merchant. On a fine morning the young man rode to market, carefree and with his purse jingling with coins from the merchant's coffers to buy meat and fruit and wine; and there in the market-place he saw Death, who beckoned to him as though about to speak. In terror the young man turned his horse about and fled, taking the road that led to Samara . By nightfall, filthy and exhausted -he had reached an inn there, and with the merchant's money procured a room, and collapsed upon the bed with mingled fatigue and relief, for it seemed he had outwitted Death. But in the middle of the night there came a knock at the chamber door, and in the doorway stood Death, smiling affably. 'How come you to be here?' demanded the young man, white-faced and trembling; 'I saw you only this morning in the market-place in Isfahan .' And Death replied : 'Why, I have come to collect you, as it is written. For when I saw you this morning in the market-place in Isfahan, I tried to say that you and I had an appointment tonight in Samara. But you would not let me speak, and only ran away .' ...

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