Greenwood Samuel - Footsteps of Israel

Author : Greenwood Samuel
Title : Footsteps of Israel From Eden to the city of god
Year : 1922

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The excuse for adding another volume to the world's already overburdened bookshelf must be looked for within the volume itself, for the justification or value of a book can only be rightly determined by its influence upon the thoughts of its readers. While a book may be welcomed by one individual for its helpfulness or good cheer, it may be rejected as useless by another; so that the only fixed rule upon which all agree in the judgment of books is the viewpoint of the reader. Thus, because of the wide disparity in literary tastes, and the almost hopeless divergence of religious opinions and convictions, few books, if any, find a universal response, and the reader must elect to browse where he likes the pasture. But points of view are open to revision, and one may discover that a change of pasture turns out to be both nourishing and delightful; thus our one fixed rule vanishes, and a book is left to make its way according to what it has to give. All books that merit consideration may, in a general way, be divided into two classes : those which entertain and those which enlighten and bless ; in other words, the books which are designed to beguile the thoughts of their readers from the weight of worldly care, and thus make existence outside the walls of the Heavenly City temporarily more endurable; and the books which stimulate the reader to seek an entrance through its gates, or which aid those who are already making that endeavor. The author modestly hopes that, by some at least, this volume will be placed among the latter class. ...

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