Greife Hermann - Jewish run concentration camps in the Soviet Union

Author : Greife Hermann
Title : Jewish run concentration camps in the Soviet Union
Year : 1937

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To Our American Readers. WHAT is going on in Russia? Is Communism a Failure - a success? These questions are asked by millions of Americans today. They read strange contradictory accounts about the economical and political conditions of Soviet Russia. Today they read about such colossal technical achievements that even those in America seem to be over shadowed. The next day they read of a general food shortage, or famine, or revolts and shootings. Other statements of a more balanced opinion point to alleged concessions supposedly made by the Soviet government in favor of democratic principles. But, all these report, seem to lack sincerity - they leave an impression in the mind of the reader that the writers somehow were not without prejudices. And the more contradictory reports that are read, the more shrouded and mysterious becomes the Soviet Union-the greater is the desire to learn the truth. True facts can never be acquired from personal opinions of occasional visitors to the Soviet Union. It was, therefore, necessary to resort to other, more reliable sources, in order to correctly answer the questions existing in the minds of the people. And these sources were found - in the newspapers and official records of the communists themselves. The following exhaustive material, as taken from the various publications of the U. S. S. R., presents an excellent inside view of actual conditions in the first Marxist State of the world, after eighteen years of existence. And this firsthand information, in its cruel nakedness, is as convincing as it is indisputable. It will dispel the clouds of doubt about the real nature of U. S. S. R. and its Jewish leaders. It is with great pleasure that I take the opportunity of presenting this translation, in an effort to challenge every true American to give strong and firm support in averting the dangers of Communism - the greatest evil of modern times and the destroyer of human rights, Christianity and civilization. As a native of Russia who succeeded in escaping from the Soviet, I am naturally anxious to have the actual truth known. Kitchener, January 1937. B. Warkentin. ...

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