Hall Manly Palmer - Self-unfoldment by disciplines of realization

Author : Hall Manly Palmer
Title : Self-unfoldment by disciplines of realization Practical instruction in the philosophy of disciplined thinking and feeling
Year : 1942

Link download : Hall_Manly_Palmer_-_Self-unfoldment_by_disciplines_of_realization.zip

Part one. Theory of Disciplines. this book will have to use words in an attempt to reveal to you something that cannot be put into words. Consideration of metaphysical disciplines must begin with a definition of terms, for only after having established the meaning of certain words can we proceed safely with this extremely abstract study. But success in your study will require that you develop an intuitive grasp of metaphysical implications. Meditation is an inward contemplation of divine realities. The subjects of meditation are the aspects of Truth. Truth may be cognized only when the student is in a tranquil state. There must be no tension or effort. Realization is the simultaneous understanding and acceptance of the divinity and the divine purpose in all things. Even more, it is the acceptance of things as they are, and the rightness of things as they are. ...

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