Hänks D. A. - The green day prophecies

Author : Hänks D. A.
Title : The green day prophecies A Novel of Global U.N. Terror
Year : 2007

Link download : Hanks_D_A_-_The_green_day_prophecies.zip

“It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.” - President George Bush addressing the General Assembly of the U.N., February 1, 1992 On May 14th, 2014, the final legislation was enacted to combine all the world’s resources, population, and laws, into one global power known as the Authority. Based on Green ideas and communist socialization, the Authority has decided that the world is overcrowded and must be protected at any cost, including human lives and liberties. The day this came into being, was announced as “Green Day,” and celebrated as a world holiday on each anniversary thereafter. It also marked the day of the beginning of the largest genocide our planet had ever witnessed. “The Green Day Prophecies” takes these ideas - and pieces of legislation already proposed - and implements them into a plausible chronological order, where the America we know today ceases to exist. Fully one half of the United States is now off limits to any human intervention - deemed as “wilderness reserves” and barred from our lives - or so we are led to believe. The majority of the remaining half is labeled for limited use, mostly agricultural, and only a select few are allowed jobs in this sector; the reward for being a good citizen. The remaining ten percent is divided between existing Indian and military reservations, and the seventeen densely-packed urban areas set aside for human habitation, where the survivors of the Biosickness now live and work; all twenty-nine million+ of them. Nothing short of overcrowded feudalistic communes ruled by sadistic overlords and brutal enforcers, all private transportation has disappeared; replaced by mass transit - light rail and electric streetcars - and close proximity of one’s work to his or her domicile. Since needs are relatively few, most supplies are within walking distance of one’s domicile anyway. Citizens are allotted ten gallons of water per day by the Authority, from neighborhood filling stations called wells, to be strictly rationed for drinking, cooking, washing of dishes and laundry, and bathing. The Authority – the all-seeing, all-knowing network of enforcers, overseers, and directors – has taken away all decision making from the individual. No longer are people allowed to waste resources such as water, fuel, timber, and minerals. The Authority controls all such items with rations and mandatory recycling. Housing, or domiciles as they are called, is owned and controlled by the Authority, and consists of warehouse-like apartment structures five stories tall, with businesses located on the first two floors, and residential domiciles on the upper three. All work is meaningful, and decided by the Authority. Meaningless jobs, such as entrepreneurs, independent writers, CEOs, and financial advisors were all removed from the workplace and replaced with jobs beneficial only to the community. Everyone’s job directly correlates to his or her place in society, and has no financial rewards. This keeps all citizens equal, and assures that no one may gain power over another by becoming financially superior. Diet is strictly controlled as well. Red meat was outlawed for consumption in 2015 due to potential health risks in citizens, and a “sensible” diet of protein-rich vegetables and limited amounts of white meats and fish, now sustains the population. Sugary foods, fast food, etc., have all been combined into the “junk food” category and removed from citizens’ diets as well, except for certain occasions of celebration, namely Green Day. Basic luxuries are no longer known. Workplace and domicile air conditioning is a waste of energy and therefore unnecessary; as is any amount of heat over fifteen (fifty-eight Fahrenheit) degrees in the winter. Only the strong survive in the New Society, and any show of resentment or weakness is dealt with quickly and harshly by the Authority. Urban Area Eleven citizen George Cooper and his mate Brooke, already have one dependent, and Brooke is pregnant with their second; the legal limit. After it is born, both George and Brooke will undergo mandatory sterilization to prevent any future dependents and population growth. At two dependents per couple, the population is kept in control and cannot exceed the resources allotted by the Authority for sustainable existence. George and Brooke are rare mates, in that although they were chosen, they are truly in love. Both want more dependents and dread the thought of not being able to have more. This, coupled with their love for one another, leads them to plot the unthinkable; escaping to the forbidden wilderness. The baby is due in September, and there is only one day per year when citizens are allowed “junk food” and free roam of the urban areas without monitoring; May 14th, the anniversary of Green Day. There are no walls or fences surrounding the urban areas to keep people in, just boundary signs, although a special permit is required to be within the buffer zones. Many have attempted escape over the years, and most were caught; given away by the network of motion detectors that monitor movement on the borders of agricultural buffer zones and wilderness reserves or corridors where any human presence is strictly forbidden, under penalty of death. George and Brooke decide that this is their only chance if they want to have a bigger family together, and plan their escape accordingly. George’s father was a farmer in Indiana before the Biosickness, and he remembers much about the old ways when he was a child on the farm. If he and Brooke can manage to get their young son past the motion detectors at the perimeter of the buffer zones, to the freedom of the wilderness beyond, he feels certain they can survive; living free and away from the confines of the urban areas, and the harsh rules that accompany them. Aided by their aging friend and neighbor, Frank O’Reilly, George and Brooke make their escape with their young son, Joshua, on Green Day. What they soon discover, however, will change everything they have ever been taught by the Authority, and it will pit their resourcefulness against the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet, leaving them in a battle not only for their freedom, but their very existence. ...

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