Hanson Ole - Americanism versus Bolchevism

Author : Hanson Ole
Title : Immigration and other interests of Prescott Farnsworth Hall
Year : 1919

Link download : Hanson_Ole_-_Americanism_versus_Bolchevism.zip

Preface. I UNDERTOOK the writing of this book for the purpose of placing before the people of my country the truth in relation to bolshevism and its American manifestation, I. W. W.'ism; as well as stating in plain language just what the concept of Americanism means to me. I am tired of reading rhetorical, finely spun, hypocritical, far-fetched excuses for bolshevism, communism, syndicalism, I. W. W.'ism! Nauseated by the sickly sentimentality of those who would conciliate, pander, and encourage all who would destroy our Government, I have tried to learn the truth and tell it in United States English of one or two syllables. Every statement made, every principle enunciated, every record quoted, almost without exception, is taken from the records of the syndicalistic and bolshevistic organizations; from the columns of their magazines and propaganda newspapers; from their text books; from the lips of their leaders and from other authoritative sources, agreed upon and repeatedly quoted by their propagandists. In searching the pages of its brief but eventful history I could find no more terrific indictment of bolshevism and I. W. W.'ism than its own authoritative records, which prove conclusively that bolshevism is the autocratic rule of the lowest, least intelligent, least able class who believe that by "direct action" and "force" they can terrorize our people into turning over to them the conduct, ownership, and control of everything. Strikingly ignorant, malignantly cruel, with no concept of history, with but an elementary knowledge of social production, with little productive capacity, with no constructive ability, this movement in our country would be ludicrous were it not for the sentimental, weak-minded followers who, steeped in idealism and fanaticism, really believe in a bolshevik Utopia, where free milk will run in the water mains and life may be supported without toil, where knowledge may be gained without effort, and where the established truths of the centuries will be overthrown by soviet resolutions. With syndicalism—and its youngest child, bolshevism— thrive murder, rape, pillage, arson, free love, poverty, want, starvation, filth, slavery, autocracy, suppression, sorrow and Hell on earth. It is a class government of the unable, the unfit, the untrained; of the scum, of the dregs, of the cruel, and of the failures. Freedom disappears, liberty emigrates, universal suffrage is abolished, progress ceases, manhood and womanhood are destroyed, decency and fair dealing are forgotten, and a militant minority, great only in their self-conceit, reincarnate under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat a greater tyranny than ever existed under czar, emperor, or potentate. The anarchist was courageous; he risked his life to take a life. The nihilist was a wan, despite his crimes of violence; but the Bolshevist (the I. W. W.) is a sneak and a coward per se, made so by the absorption of a propaganda which teaches violence of every description, advocates sabotage in the darkness, always, everywhere, saying: "Do this deed. Terrorize the majority y but take care of your own worthless hide /" Morally debauching every member by the teachings of cowardice and hate, the propagandists have used the ignorant and the mattoid and the moron for their foul purposes. The American bolshevists (I. W. W.) fired wheat fields when our army needed wheat, put dead rats and mice in canned food, spiked logs in order to destroy machinery and fellow workmen, set forest fires, placed emery dust in machinery, burned down mills and logging camps, killed vineyards, and did every other damnable and cowardly thing, always taking care that their own life and liberty were safe. Their real and avowed purpose is the overthrow of all order and government and the making of our country an experimental station for the purpose of trying out the blind vagaries and nightmares of the intellectual pismires and spittoon philosophers who would then become the autocrats in control of all things. In this book I have briefly sketched the history of syndicalism in France, Germany, England, Russia, and the United States. I believe I have conclusively proven that the syndicalist, whether called bolshevist or I. W. W., is simply a revolutionary criminal; that each and every one teaches the commission of crime, that each and every one commits crime in the exact proportion as his courage and opportunity permit. The methods of syndicalism consist of force, direct action, sabotage, strike after strike, in order to foment class hatred, and then the general strike which if successful brings revolution. The last part of the book is devoted to a discussion and explanation of the cures for bolshevism. In my constructive programme I have discussed Americanism and Americanization, selective immigration, education and educators, private rights, social legislation, deportation of aliens, punishment of citizens, and universal service. A government which will not defend itself cannot stand. We have had enough of weakness, conciliation, and pandering. We must run the United States of America primarily for the United States of America. America First ! Ole Hanson. ...

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