Heimbichner Craig - Did a freemason almost become Pope ?

Author : Heimbichner Craig
Title : Did a freemason almost become Pope ? The story of Cardinal Rampolla
Year : 2003

Link download : Heimbichner_Craig_-_Did_a_freemason_almost_become_Pope.zip

Life within the Church is not immune from the disease of faddishness,whether the fads are mere oddities or outright heresies. Occasionally, however,something truly significant is dismissed as a fad when the dismissal itself isfoolish. Such is the case with the current attitude in some quarters toward theresurrection of old accusations of Masonic intrigue within the Church. Once acommon fear, the specter of scheming infiltrators in parishes (or even in theVatican itself) from the Lodge is now under attack as a leftover bit of lunacy fromthe days when hucksters and hoaxers played on the alleged gullibility and paranoiaof the Vatican. ...

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