Hoess Rudolf - Commandant of Auschwitz

Author : Hoess Rudolf
Title : Commandant of Auschwitz The autobiography of Rudolf Hoess
Year : 1951

Link download : Hoess_Rudolf_-_Commandant_of_Auschwitz.zip

Translator's note. This autobiography was written in a Polish prison, and for the following facts concerning Hoess and the writing of it I am principally indebted to Dr. Martin Broszat, who wrote the introduction to the German edition. Hoess was arrested by the British Military Police near Flensburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, on March 11, 1946. He was interrogated by Field Security on March 13 and 14. Later that month he was handed over to the Americans and taken to Nuremberg, where he was again interrogated, in April, in connection with the trial of Kaltenbrunner, the so-called "Pohl Trial," and the "IG Farben Trial." During the period April 9-16 he had several conversations with the American prison psychiatrist, Dr. Gilbert. On May 25, 1946, he was handed over to the Polish authorities and removed to Cracow and later to Warsaw to await trial. The trial did not take place until the following March. He was condemned to death, and executed in April 1947. ...

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