Hunt Walter - Are we a Declining Race ?

Author : Hunt Walter
Title : Are we a Declining Race ? An old sailor's verdict
Year : 1904

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IT is not with any pretention to literary ability that I venture to approach this all-important question, nor even with the confidence of being able to make the subject sufficiently palatable for the general public; but having had opportunities of witnessing the effects of certain habits on the physique of peoples, both in savage life and in civilised communities, also having devoted a considerable number of years to the study of the subject, I am led to hope that what I have to say, resulting from my experience and studies, may be of sorne value. So far back as twenty years ago I had arrived at the startling conclusion that there was a general physical degeneration, not only in our own country-nor even limited to civilised countries-but extended over the whole world. Such a statement, if made at that time, would have met with but very few supporters. Subsequent events, however, have only more fully convinced me that I was right, both in my recognition of the fact of the general decline, and in my conclusions as to the causes which, during aU historical time, have been leading up to this deplorable result. My reasons for thinking as I do, and the connecting circumstanèes, are perhaps somewhat imperfectly stated, and if that he so, I ask tbe indulgence of the reader, at the same ti me urging the importance of the subject matter. Streatham, W. H. June 17th, 1904. ...

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