Idunna - 72

Author : Idunna A journal of northern tradition
Title : 72
Year : 2007

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Idunna, the name of this journal, is taken from the Germanic Goddess whose golden apples are the food of the Gods. By eating of this fruit, the Gods and Goddesses remain ever vibrant. By once again partaking of this divine food of the spirit, we revivify these Gods and Goddesses, and restore them to their vital role in our world and our lives. The time has come once again to gather together those folk called to the land and the sky, who are awed by the majesty of the mountains and the deep beauty of the forest. The time has come to sink deep the roots of those folk, noble and true, that our branches may again brush the heavens. This is the time of the Elder Troth, time for this faith and this way to rise again from the hearts of all men and women in and of the folk. Come together now to forge again the Hammer of the North, that steadfast Hammer which is our own Troth. The ways of true men and women are many. The Troth promotes a multiplicity of approaches to the gods and goddesses, for the realities of these wights are many and have many true levels. We ask, then, that those who join with us do so for religious and cultural reasons, and respect others who have done the same. The use of the Troth, its publications, or its activities as platforms for political or racial propaganda will not be tolerated. ...

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