Johnson Matthew Raphael - Unraveling the myths about Gregory Rasputin

Author : Johnson Matthew Raphael
Title : Unraveling the myths about Gregory Rasputin : revolutionary lies, academic fraud and the provisional government's “Emergency Commission of Inquiry”
Year : 2016

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I discovered some interesting facts. No serious research on Rasputin was done in the Soviet times. There is not a single article (to say nothing of books) where Rasputin’s life is described consistently, historically, on the basis of critical analysis of primary sources. All existing books and articles about Rasputin simply repeat in various combinations the same historic legends and anecdotes (with the revolutionary accusations), most of which are made up or fabricated just as false memoirs by Vyrubova or shorthand reports of proceedings against «enemies of the people» from the 1930’s. In fact they created a myth about Rasputin with the only purpose being to blacken and discredit Russia, the spirituality of its people which, as we will see later, Rasputin represented to a certain extent. And «this incredible rage coming from the pages of the yellow press targeted against Rasputin completely gave away those devilish firemen which were capable of getting what they wanted only by enormous and all-around heat» – Oleg Platonov, 1994 Few things in Russian history are as mysterious as the relations between the last Royal family and Gregory Rasputin. Most historians will claim the following, usually just repeating the majority opinion: first, that the Tsarevich was sick with hemophilia, and Rasputin had an ability to heal him. Second, that he was no monk, but a charlatan. Third, that Rasputin was a devious man playing on the Tsar's piety to worm his way into the family's life. Fourth, that Rasputin had some influence over policy, often tremendous and unwarranted. This is one of the things that led to the fall of the crown. And finally, that Rasputin had little control over his libido, making him lecherous and possibly a rapist. He was killed, or so it was thought, for the good of the state. ...

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